Interested in attending a rehearsal? Sweet!

Sweet!We love having visitors attend our Monday night rehearsals — and set up this page to give you an orientation to our chorus and our organization to help you feel right at home even before you step through our doors!

What to Expect on Monday Night

Our rehearsals are held at the Coraopolis United Methodist Church (1205 Ridge Avenue). It’s a quick trip off of I-79 and there is plenty of parking at the church. Enter the side door by the parking lot and go down the stairs. You will see our rehearsal to the left when you enter the hallway.

A member will be there to greet you and will ask if you would like to sing with us. A member of our music team will ‘voice place’ you (listen to your voice and recommend a part to sing) in an adjoining room. She will then hand you a guest book with our music and have you stand next to another member who sings the same part.  If you are not sure whether or not you are ready to sing, we encourage you to be voice placed anyway — then you can decide if you would rather sit and listen or stand on the risers with us.

About Our Rehearsals

singers at rehearsalOur rehearsals usually follow this pattern: 1. physical warmups (standing in front of the risers and moving to music), 2. vocal warmups (our director has us sing some quick exercises to get our voices ready for practice), 3. rehearse the songs listed on our whiteboard in front of the risers.

Attending our rehearsal is like being in the middle of a movie — you could experience a rehearsal of a brand new song, or learn choreography for an upcoming performance, or polish an established song for the first hour to get ready for contest, or run several songs in a row to get ready for a show. Occasionally we’ll have a coach visit us — you will see these dates listed on our calendar. Attending several rehearsals will give you a better idea of what it is like to be a member of our chorus. Our visitors attend an average of 4-6 times before deciding on membership — some decide quickly, others will take even longer!

Educational Opportunities

One of the best perks of being a chorus member is how much we learn about singing and improving our vocal technique and style! There are opportunities within our chorus, our 4-state region and within the Sweet Adelines International organization. Our director, as well as members of our music team, has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. David Wallace, our director, is an internationally recognized music arranger, master director and quartet international champion of the Barbershop Harmony Society. We are fortunate to have him direct our chorus every week!

Our chorus members learn new music using a variety of techniques. Not everyone who sings with us can read music and others have advanced music degrees. We supply members with learning tracks as well as written charts (sheet music) for our entire repertoire. We have regular sectional rehearsals where we can work on techniques specific to our part (Tenor, Lead, Baritone or Bass) and choreography rehearsals where we learn our visual plan and work on selling the song. Individually, we receive private voice instruction (PVI)  either free or at low cost and given by members of our music team or by a recognized coach in Sweet Adelines.

Performing Opportunities

SPC at PNC ParkWe occasionally offer our guests an opportunity to sing with the chorus.

Members perform at local venues throughout the year. Our chorus has been seen at Market Square, Kennywood and PNC Park performing short programs (or the National Anthem). Our members regularly perform for our regional competition in the Spring and our chorus prepares at least one show per year. We recently provided singing opportunities for guests at our Christmas show. Watch this space, contact a chorus member or like our Facebook page for future opportunities to sing with us.

A Path To Membership

At the end of your first visit with us, please let a member know if you are interested in pursuing membership with our chorus! We will provide you with the information you need to prepare for an audition and give you more details on the benefits and costs associated with joining our chorus. Of course, you can continue coming as our guest until you are ready to audition.