We love our quartets! Quartetting is a great opportunity for our members to reach out to the community and share our love of a cappella barbershop harmony. The quartets listed below are available for hire.



Traveling many miles of “Country Roads”, this West Virginia-based quartet has enjoyed sharing their love of music for more than a decade.

Sapphire Sound Quartet

Sapphire Sound (l-r): Kathy Sherlock, Mary Virginia Kerns, Sandy Clark, Annette Culberson

Sandy Clark – Tenor

Kathy Sherlock – Lead

Annette Culberson – Baritone

*Mary Virginia Kerns – Bass

If you would like to contact Sapphire Sound, you can:

Email Mary Virginia Kerns:
or call at 304.692.8040

*member of the Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus




Savvy 4 (L-R): Cindy Sheffler, Erica Kelch-Slesnick, Tina Lowe, Joyce Sipes

*Joyce Sipes – Tenor

*Tina Lowe – Lead

Cindy Sheffler – Baritone

Erica Kelch-Slesnick – Bass


If you would like to contact Savvy 4, you can:

Email Tina Lowe: onesweetadeline@hotmail.com


*member of the Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus