We love our quartets! Quartetting is a great opportunity for our members to reach out to the community and share our love of a cappella barbershop harmony. The quartets listed below are available for hire.



Happy Hour Quartet

Happy Hour (l-r): Margie Price, Nancy Chapple, Sue Moore, Nancy Conway

Nancy Conway – Tenor

*Sue Moore – Lead

Margie Price – Baritone

*Nancy Chapple – Bass

If you would like to contact Happy Hour, you can:

Email Nancy Chapple:

*member of the Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus




Traveling many miles of “Country Roads”, this West Virginia-based quartet has enjoyed sharing their love of music for more than a decade.

Sapphire Sound Quartet

Sapphire Sound (l-r): Kathy Sherlock, Mary Virginia Kerns, Sandy Clark, Annette Culberson

Sandy Clark – Tenor

Kathy Sherlock – Lead

Annette Culberson – Baritone

*Mary Virginia Kerns – Bass

If you would like to contact Sapphire Sound, you can:

Email Mary Virginia Kerns:
or call at 304.692.8040

*member of the Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus




Savvy 4 Quartet

Savvy 4 (l-r): Joyce Sipes, Erica Kelch-Slesnick, Tina Lowe, Cindy Sheffler

*Joyce Sipes – Tenor

*Tina Lowe – Lead

Cindy Sheffler – Baritone

Erica J Kelch-Slesnick – Bass


If you would like to contact Savvy 4, you can:

Email Tina Lowe: onesweetadeline@hotmail.com


*member of the Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus



OSQs (One Song Quartets)



The Sounds of Pittsburgh has a growing list of quartets that know one or two songs and sing for an occasion, such as Singing Valentines.

If you would like to arrange for one to sing at your event:

Email Nancy Chapple: