Barbershop Style Music

Barbershop music is sung unaccompanied with four parts:

  • Tenor – The highest part. The tenor should have a light, sweet, pure tone that will compliment but not overpower the lead.
  • Lead – One of the two middle parts – is generally the melody and is sung in the range between A below middle C, and above middle C.
  • Baritone – Also middle part – is harmony usually below the melody.
  • Bass – The lowest part. Bass singers should have a rich, mellow voice and be able to sing the E flat below middle C.

The wide range of voice parts offers women with high or low voices a very comfortable part to sing.

Barbershop has a recognizable form using lyrics that are clear and understandable.  Energy and physical involvement are required from the barbershop singer in a degree of intensity not usually found in other choral forms.

And the best part is…You can’t do it alone!

Chorus Opportunities

Education in the art of singing barbershop harmony is an on-going project for the Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus.    The proper physical and vocal techniques for good singing are incorporated into each rehearsal.  The Music Team and the Team’s section leaders through a visual and vocal qualifying program reinforce the techniques.  Their objective is to help build a chorus that presents a great performance in both sight and sound.  Personal vocal instructions are offered throughout the year.

On a regular schedule, the chorus employs world-renowned coaches who teach interpretation of lyrics, expression within the music, breathing and vocal techniques and performance enhancement.

In preparing for the annual regional competition, the chorus has a working weekend retreat.  This fun weekend builds camaraderie within the chorus and prepares all members well for their performance on the competition stage.

Lustre Quartet

Joan Boutilier

Awesome Joe

Betty Clipman!

Regional Opportunities

Our region (SAI Region 17) sponsors  Harmony Weekends twice a year. The purpose of these weekends is to meet with our fellow Sweet Adelines in the region and world-renowned experts for education and personal growth in both musical and administrative elements.  While these are working weekends, they are also filled with the showcasing of talent, the challenge of close harmony, fun-filled quartet opportunities, good food, exciting exchanges of ideas and the strengthening of inter-chapter friendships.

Sweet Adelines International

Sweet Adelines International makes available coaches, audio and video tools for vocal and administrative personnel, and seminars held on a regular schedule.  There are many avenues of help available to choruses and quartets at every level.