Retreat Was Great!

Our chorus is revved up and ready to go for our May competition after spending the weekend with Jim Arns (Director of the Melodeers) and our new director, David Wallace!

We spent many productive hours working on our contest music… and several more hours eating good food, visiting with each other, and entertaining each other at our show. Hats off to our Retreat Committee and our Mistress of Ceremonies Lisa Husar for another fine retreat!

Planning a garden? Help the Chorus at the same time!

photo of coneflowerOur Chorus has a new campaign with Flower Power Fundraising from now through April 4, 2011. For every bulb or plant purchased, the chorus will receive 50% of the purchase price!

Our goal is to raise $500 to help the Chorus pay for coaches, costumes and other expenses while you get to beautify your garden.

Turning Over a New Leaf

Welcome to our new ‘minty fresh’ website! Thanks for visiting our new blog. We invite you to comment below and visit our brand new Fundraising page. Watch this space for exciting new developments with The Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus.